Is your iPhone® or other iDevice disabled for 22 million minutes?
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Instant Online Mac® Help – Imagine your problem fixed in the next 30 minutes!

Let’s say you have a Mac®, iPad® or iPhone® problem. You’ve probably been looking online for a solution. You may even have tried to follow the instructions on one or two sites but that didn’t work because that Mac® problem isn’t the exact problem that you have.

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Now getting your Mac® humming like a bird is easier than doing the dishes.

Our shockingly simple solution is to provide Mac® experts who are online right now that can start an online chat with you to fix any problem that you might have. It doesn’t matter if the problem is complex configuration issues or simply that you can’t connect to your printer or that you can’t find the shortcut for the Euro symbol in MS Word. Any problem is solved, and solved instantly! You don’t have to get in the car to carry your computer to the nearest store or spend hours waiting on the phone.

Is this the cheapest way to get Mac® problems solved?

Almost certainly. When you connect to our Mac® expert in an online chat, they will get you to describe what your problem is or what you are trying to achieve. If we can help you out in a matter of minutes, then we will do so for free. If the issue is more complex, then we will give you a quote for longer issues. If it involves an expert diving deep for 30 minutes, then the quote is usually around €30 (or $40). We can describe what to do, or if you prefer we can remotely take control of your machine using TeamViewer software and actually show you what to do or even do it for you. This is fully secure and gives us a single login session just so that we can get the job done. This means that if you don’t fancy someone giving you complex instructions on the phone that you can get us to do the job for you (or show you) instead.

Rather than spend a whole day searching for Mac® solutions, if our Mac® experts can get the problem fixed in 30 minutes, then you have avoided working 8 hours for €30. Would you normally work for €3 ($4) an hour?

You guys are very confident, almost arrogant, that you can fix any problem.

Yes, we are. We are so sure that we will fix your problem first, and only then if you are completely happy will we ask you to pay the quoted amount. Therefore, if you are not 100% happy, then don’t pay us. We see a number of places that do a 100% money-back guarantee all over the Internet, but we don’t think you should have to ask for your money back. We think you should witness our mind-boggling service first, and we know at that stage you’ll be delighted to pay us and will recommend us to all your friends.

Imagine if your friends thought of you as a technical wunderkind...

We spend most of the time on our Macs® and iPhones® getting along just fine. But then when we have a problem, that’s when we get stuck. We are going to stop that from ever happening. And by following our blog and having us online to fix any problems instantly, then you should be the person that knows things like the following:

- how to print directly from your iPhone® to your printer
- how to back up all your files every minute without doing anything explicit so you never lose more than 60 seconds work
- have all devices effortlessly sync with each other
- have well organized photo folders that are easily browsable
- set up networks from your Mac® to nearby iPhones® so your family can use the Internet abroad at a fraction of the cost

Basically, your friends will think you’re a technical god. Can this be true? Yes, because all of this is really, really easy once you know how. Just like anything else in life. All you have to do is join our mailing list, and start an online chat any time you have any problems that need an expert to jump in.

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