Wow. What a weekend!   Just got back from an amazing Stag party in Ireland.  Interestingly, I had occasion to use the information that I posted about Sharing Your Internet Wirelessly To Other Devices but in a slightly different way.  Let me explain:

This amazing party was held in a location that was very rural and in a house that had no internet connection.  In truth, even the mobile phone signal was pretty poor.  In spots though, it was possible to get a good 3G connection on my iPhone.

One of our best mates, whose relatives own the house and kindly let us use it, was not able to make it as he is based in the US and had too many other commitments.  Of course, we'd all dearly have loved him to be there, so myself and another friend of mine decided that the only option would be to bring him in via Skype at the height of the party, so we could at least interact and show him how things were going!

The problem arose when we tried to get an internet signal in the bar, which was very low down in the house.  There just wasn't enough signal to get a connection to the internet, let alone a connection of sufficient quality to support a Skype call.  Enter the power of the Personal Hotspot!  This is a wonderful feature provided by the iPhone which allows you to create a wireless network directly from your iPhone (Settings -> General -> Network -> Personal Hotspot) and your iPhone's internet connection is shared with any device that connects to that network.

So I quickly ran upstairs, trying to get my bearings and figure out where was the closest point to the bar that I could get a really good 3G connection.  In one of the bedrooms, I found it.  Perfect signal (amazing!) and an internet connection giving me a minimum of 4Mbit download.  Perfect!!  I switched on the Personal Hotspot (with a password so none of the other guests could swipe all the bandwidth) and ran back down to the bar.  We opened up the MacBook Pro and immediately connected to my new network.  Bam!  Internet on, Skype connected and we had a pipeline to the world once again.

At 3am, we opened Skype at the height of the party, called up our mate in California and had an hour long Skype video call where he got to speak to every guest, enjoy some of the live music and generally be on the buzz!  Now that's what I call using technology 🙂