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The Hard Reset

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Occasionally, I have found that my iPhone or iTouch will not "wake up".  It's in sleep mode but doesn't respond to any of the buttons or touching the screen.  It does also happen, on rare occasions, that the device will just freeze completely while in use.  So what to do in this situation?  If it was an iMac, we'd just pull the plug.  If it was some other device we might remove the batteries and replace them.  In this case, we have no access to the battery and there is no "plug" to pull.

What you need to do is perform a hard reset of the device.  What this does is effectively disconnect the electrical supply internally for a few seconds, causing the device to switch off completely.

To perform a hard reset, you simply hold down the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds.  Then wait a few seconds and press the Power button to start the device up again.  You should see the familiar Apple logo appear.  If you don't, try another hard reset.  If you still get nothing on the screen, either you battery is completely flat or you have a more serious problem with your device.

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Apps Running In The Background?

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Now here's something that everyone should know but far too many people don't.

Every time you open an App on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, the App launches and it keeps on running until you tell it close.  Telling it close is not the same thing as pressing the Home button and this is where people get confused, or more commonly they are blissfully unaware.

When you press the Home button, your iDevice does what you asked it to do.  It goes home.  In other words, it shows you the home screen where you can choose other apps to open etc.  Most people assume that this automatically infers that the app that you were using is now closed.  That is not the case at all.  It is, in fact, still running in the background taking up valuable memory and processor time.  Enter the hidden menu which gives you access to these apps and much more besides!

To see which apps are actually open and running at any given time, you double-click the Home button.  You will notice that the screen slides upwards and a new row of icons appears at the bottom.  These icons represent the apps that are currently open and running on your iDevice.  Try swiping left and right on them - you'll probably be horrified to find that every single app you own is actually open and running!  One huge advantage of this feature is that you can easily switch from one open app to another by double-clicking the Home button, swiping through the row of apps until you find the one you want, then clicking on it once to switch directly to that app.

Try it when you have an app open. Without going back to the Home screen, you can quickly switch from one app to another (provided they are already open).  This can be really handy if you need to flip to another app to grab a piece of text (using Copy & Paste - which I'll cover in another post) for example.  You can then flip back to the original app and paste it in.

So in my next post, I'll cover the other features of this new menu, including how to close apps that you don't want open, why you would want to close them anyway and also the other options available in this cool new feature......