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Google announces new Voice Search app for iOS

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"There should be nothing standing between your thoughts and the knowledge you seek," said Amit Singhal, Google's senior vice president of engineering.

He said the updated iOS version of the Google Search app had already been submitted to the Apple App Store and it should be available within the next few days.

The enhanced version of Google Voice Search is already available on Android 4.1 and it will become available to iOS users within a few days, but users of older versions of Android are not yet catered for.

The new version of Google's search app for the iPhone and iPad will let users find information about everything from the weather to nearby cinema listings by speaking into the devices and reading answers to search results in a human sounding voice.

Rumours surrounding launch of new “iPhone 5”

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Rumours are spreading across the net, suggesting that Apple may be poised to release their latest iPhone which many believe will be the iPhone 5.  Rumours from various tech sites suggest that Apple may be planning to announce the new device in early September 2012, along with the release of its latest incarnation of its mobile operating system, iOS 6 mini educator.