Shopper is an app that I find particularly useful.  It's a paid app, but at a great price.  What does it do?  Well, it doesn't quite do the shopping for you, but what it does do is make the whole experience a lot quicker and simpler.  In fact, it has many features that I don't even use (yet) but even the basic features make it worthwhile.

You know when you need to go shopping - and I'm talking food shopping here - you generally need a list.  The old pen and paper job where you painstakingly write the list, not necessarily in the order that you'll find the stuff in the supermarket but more likely in the order that you don't find it in your cupboards and fridge.  Then off you go to the supermarket with your pen and paper, crossing things off as you get them, trying to hold the pen, paper and trolley all at the same time as you pile in the goodies.

Shopper takes the pain out of it and makes it a pleasure.  That's why I love it.  It does just what I want it to do.  The truth is, I was going to make this app myself, but these guys did such a good job I thought, why would I bother?  Pay them for their great work and get on with life!

Shopper has a fully customisable list of items, as well as the facility to add different supermarkets, even different pricing for different supermarkets and even different aisle layouts.  Personally, I use it mainly for one supermarket, but I've configured the items I buy, the aisles that they are in - in my supermarket - and I've ordered the aisles to match the general store layout.  I then use the Browse facility in shopper to quickly run through each item in alphabetical order, checking the ones I'm not sure about, adding what I need to my shopping list with a simple touch of each item.

Now that I have my list, Shopper has already prepared it for me in the correct order, each item in its appropriate aisle.  I don't really use the pricing facility, but I can see how great it could be to see the change in prices of different items from week to week.

Now for the best bit.  I head off to the supermarket, open up Shopper and literally start at aisle one, collecting the items as I go and checking each one off with a single touch.  The items I touch get added to my "basket" and once I'm done, I can check-out to empty the basket.  I never forget anything and even the things that are not in stock remain on my list for the next visit.

I can even share my list over the air with my wife, directly to her Shopper app, or even by email.  I can make the list, share it to her Shopper app while she's in town and she can pick up all the bits on her way home. What a marvellous app, well designed and fully functional!  It's a thumbs up from me!