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So what is the Mac® Helpline?

MacHelpline.net is a new way to get instant help for Apple devices online (i.e. Mac® help, iPhone® help or iPad® help). Imagine you've bought a new printer and you just can't get it to work with your Mac®. Or you have a problem with emails on your Mac® or iPhone®? Perhaps you are getting a problem when you try to start up your Mac. Or maybe you just want to know where to find a certain keyboard shortcut. Or you have an iPhone® problem. Or you just have a general Mac® question. What are your options? Some people will spend hours online searching through forums to see if they can find an answer. Others will jump in their car, take the Mac® or iPhone® into the store and wait around in a queue and see if someone can help them. But now you can turn to MacHelpline.net. The certified Mac® experts on our Mac® helpline and iPhone® helpline provide instant online help for fixes, problems or training on any Apple® products such as iPhones®, iPads®, laptops etc. We can fix your problem or answer your question without any waiting, without transport and at a very reasonable cost.

How much does it cost to speak to an Expert?

As you can imagine, some issues are a really quick fix and some take a bit longer. When you visit MacHelpline.net, one of our Mac® experts will start by getting you to describe the Mac® problem you're having or the task that you want to get done. As we have fixed thousand of these issues before, we know how long it will take us to get you up and running and give you a quote accordingly. Small issues can be fixed for 6 euros (or about 8 dollars). Longer issues that take say thirty minutes of our expert's time will cost around 30 euros (or about 40 dollars). We will clearly tell you in advance what the costs will be - before you make the decision to go ahead. Should you decide to proceed, you only pay once your problem has been solved or your question answered and you are completely happy!

How Does Mac® Helpline Work?

Well, firstly it depends on what you want to achieve. If you want a quick answer to something or if you know your way around a Mac®, then a live online chat with our experts may be the most convenient. If the issue is more complex, and if you choose to allow us, we can also remotely control your Mac® and actually do a task for you! How cool is that? This is often a great solution for people working to tight deadlines or who aren't confident about using computers who just want to get something working or get something done. If you want to learn how to do something so that you are more self-sufficient in the future, then remote control is also a great option. We can do the task at hand while you watch on your screen, asking any questions that you want to ask. So whether to use Live Online Chat or Remote Control depends on your preferences and whether you want our experts to just do something for you, whether you want to watch and learn or whether you just want the answers typed to you. There is no extra cost involved in either – we just want to help you in the most convenient way possible.

Why should I try Mac® Helpline?

The main feedback that we get from our customers is that we help them to "Get more from their devices". It is amazing how much more fun your laptop, iPad® or iPhone® can be when you're getting more and more out of them. Our mantra is to help you get everything done easily, whether it's helping you find an Excel shortcut or retrieving a lost password. We want you to get back to getting the jobs done that matter to you. We believe your time is more valuable doing what you do every day rather than spending hours searching online for something you might not find. We know that having instant help online is much better than queuing in a store or searching endlessly online, so register today and check us out. We're sure you'll love our service but If you're not completely satisfied, we give you a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. So whether it's learning something new or getting a problem fixed instantly, try MacHelpline.Net today.

Can I contact you 24 hours a day?

No. Our current hours of business are 10am to 7pm CET, Monday to Friday. Of course, if a Support Operator is available outside these hours, they will be happy to help.