Apple have introduced some nice new features in Lion and Mountain Lion and they seem intent on making us take notice of them.  There are a few examples of new features that Apple have now decided to set as the defaults for any new user.  Such as, for example, changing the scroll direction that people have been using for years upon years and then having the audacity to call it "natural"!  Now that really blew me away.

Anyway, one of the other things that they've introduced is the ability to change a setting to determine if you want to see things such as hard disks, DVDs, pendrives and the like, as icons on the desktop.  This is great!  If you love a tidy, uncluttered desktop you can now hide more things than ever before!  Except, the default is set to not display these items.  Which is a pain for everyone who's used to seeing them.  Who, in fact, have come to love the fact that they are there, ready, and that you don't have to click anywhere else to find them.  Now, they're all gone!

finder_prefsThat's really the whole point of this post.  They're not gone.  They're hidden.  So, if you can't find some of your disks, particularly DVDs or pendrives on your desktop then you should check the following:

From the Finder, look in the menu bar and click the Finder menu.  Then choose Finder Preferences.  You will see this window.  Make sure that under "Show these items on the desktop", all items are ticked.  Then close the window and see if you can now see your disks appearing on the desktop.