It's quite common for people to have trouble with their iPhone not connecting to a wireless network, also with their iPad or iTouch.  There are a number of different reasons for this, but the one we are going to discuss today is the situation where your device actually appears to be connected to the wireless network but it cannot get on the internet.

The main cause of this problem is a bad network password.  That is, whenever you first connect to a wireless network that has a password, you will be required to enter it.  Things can start going wrong immediately at this point, if you enter the password incorrectly.  Depending on the type of encryption used, your device may actually accept the password you've typed, even if it is incorrect.  It's easy to make a typo when entering passwords, especially if they are long and complicated.

The other thing that can happen, which is very normal but is not at all as obvious as you would expect, is that someone may have changed the password for that network after you connected to it.  So, let's say I go to my friend's house today and he gives me the password for his network.  I enter the password and everything works well.  Then, a couple of days later I pop by the see him again, but now my phone connects to his network but won't go on the internet.  How frustrating!  After a while, I mention to my friend that I can't get online and he tells me that yes, he changed the password yesterday.  So now what to do??

The key is to understand why this has happened.  When you originally entered the password, your device saved a profile for that network, along with the password, so that you would not have to enter it each and every time that you wanted to connect.  In fact, it's a great feature.  It's this very feature that allows you just to wander in and out of places you've been, connecting to their wireless networks each time without the hassle of always entering the passwords.  But along with that blessing comes the problem that we've encountered at my friend's place.

wifi_arrowUsually all you need to do to fix this is to remove the profile and then reconnect to the network using the new password.  To do that, you should go to Settings -> Wifi.  Now, look for the network that's causing the problem.  You will most likely see a spinning wheel beside its name.  That's a good indication that the problem is the one we are discussing.  Now, look carefully and you will see a little arrow to the right of the network name.  You need to press that arrow.


wifi_forgetOnce you've pressed that arrow, you will be taken to another screen that shows you some details about the network and also has a button that says Forget This Network.  What this means is, delete the stored profile for this network, so that I can re-enter the password and connect once again!

You will be asked to confirm that you do, in fact, intend to forget that network completely.  Confirm this and you will then be taken back to the screen where you can select the network that you want to connect to.

At this point, you should simply press the name of the network that you want to join, enter the correct password and away you go!

If you follow these instructions but you still cannot get online, try one more time (being very careful to make sure you enter the password correctly).  If you still cannot connect, then you have some other problem, very possibly a problem with the router.

For assistance with this, or any other problems connecting your device to a wireless network, you can always contact our Live Chat Support line where you can get instant help with this and many other problems.  If the problem is somewhat complex, we will be happy to give you a quote for assisting you.