You know all those pages and pages of icons you've got on your iPhone or iPad?  Well, you can tidy them up if you wish.  Organise them into folders and save yourself some flipping of pages!

iOS FolderTo make a new folder, simply go into Edit Mode by holding your finger on one of the icons on the home screen until they all start to jiggle.  This mode allows you to move your icons around, delete them, or organise them into Folders.

Once you are in Edit mode, you hold your finger on one of the icons, then drag it on top of another one.  You will see the border thickens to show you that a folder will be created.  When you take your finger off the icon, a folder is created with a suggested name for this group of icons.  A grey border indicates that this is a folder and the name of the folder is show beneath.

iOS Folder OpenIf you click once on the folder icon, it will open and display its contents, using a cool sliding movement.  You can also have folders inside folders if you wish.

When the folder is open as can be seen in this image, you can click on its name to change it.  Click anywhere on the home screen background and the folder will close, revealing once again you home screen.

A folder will usually store 12 apps so you can significantly reduce your space and organise your experience.  Folders also display badges to alert you to items that need updating or that have sent you notifications.

To extract an icon from a folder, simple open the folder that contains it and drag the icon back onto the Home screen background.  The item will then move out of the folder and back to the Home screen.