It's lovely to see so many people making the move from Windows to Mac these days and rightly so!  It's probably the best decision most people will ever make with regard to their computer needs.

It can be challenging from some people though, since they've always used Windows and are a little reluctant (dare I say nervous or even afraid!) to make the change because they think they'll have to start all over again, learning a whole new operating system and way of working.  What they don't realise is that it's just not like that anymore!

Mac OS X has been absolutely revolutionary in terms of its features, stability, security and overall usability.  In the past 5 years or so, I have not met one person that has made the move to Mac and regretted it.  In fact, the majority tell me that it's the best thing they've ever done and they wonder why they ever used Windows.

One thing that most of these people have in common though, is a difficulty in equating the way Windows used to do things to the way the Mac does them, or rather how you do something on the Mac that you used to do on Windows.  To be honest, the differences are not that great.  But there are some, and without the proper knowledge and a simple explanation of the differences, it's easy to get frustrated.

That's why I decided to write an eBook on the subject.  It's not going to be a massively thick book with millions of pages, it's going to be concise and cover the core issues that people face when moving from Windows to Mac OS X.  Keep it simple, but solve the problem.

If you are thinking of changing to Mac, or you know someone that is, and you're interested in pre-registering so that you can be informed as soon as it's released, just click through to the following page:

Moving from Windows to Mac - Made Easy!

Not only can you register your interest in being notified when the eBook is ready, but you will also receive a Free PDF which will explain why I believe moving to Mac is the best thing you will ever do.  Take a look - I think you'll enjoy reading the free PDF either way!