ios_keyboardsUsing multiple keyboards and languages on your iDevice is actually very easy.  First, you need to set up the keyboard that you want to use.  For example, if you regularly write in both English and Spanish on your iDevice, you would be well advised to set up both keyboards and the use the quick access tip below to use the relevant keyboard and language whenever you need to.

To set up your keyboards, go to Settings -> General -> International -> Keyboards.   To add a new keyboard layout, press the Add New Keyboard... button and select the language you want, for example Spanish.  There is also a special keyboard layout in there called Emoji.  This special keyboard layout allows you to use emoticons in your messages (like smiley faces and so on).  You might as well enable that one too!

Once you have your new keyboards enabled, all you have to do is use them!  So, go to any app that allows you to type.  Messages for example, or Whatsapp, Mail or even Notes.  Tap in the text field where you want to type and your keyboard will appear.  Now here's the tip:

ios_keyboardLook at the bottom of the keyboard, where the spacebar is.  Usually, when using the English keyboard, this has the word "space" written on it, in English of course.  To the left of this, you will see another icon that looks like a little globe.  This is the keyboard selector icon.  Press this once to toggle to the next keyboard, or hold your finger on it to choose the keyboard you want.

If you choose Spanish for example, the space bar will now have the word "espacio" written on it.  This is a great indicator as to which keyboard you currently have selected.  Now, the important thing to know is that having a different keyboard does more than just give you access to symbols that relate to that language.  It also enables the Dictionary for that language.  So, when you are typing with the Spanish keyboard enabled, the spell checker will actually be looking for Spanish, not English.  As soon as you change back to the English keyboard, your spell checker will automatically be looking for English!  Very, very cool.

emojiFinally, to use emoticons in your messages, you simply change to the Emoji Keyboard when you want to insert an emoticon.  Press and hold your finger on the globe icon, choose Emoji and you will straight away see a load of emoticons that you can choose from.  There are more options for emoticons available by clicking the different icons at the bottom of the screen.  Have fun!