iPhone5Apple have finally announced the new iPhone 5 at a substantial press event in the US.  The new phone is slimmer and weighs less than its predecessors, with a large (4") screen effectively permitting the display of 5 rows of icons plus the dock (the previous models could only display 4 rows of icons.)  The iPhone 5 has the new, faster A6 chip, it supports 4G which is the new mobile data network and will apparently be able to provide substantially better battery life, even when using 4G to surf the web.  The headphone jack has been relocated to the bottom of the phone and the dock connector has been replaced with a smaller version (adaptors will be available to use your old cable and accessories!)

Users will reportedly now be able to use Siri to post to Facebook using their voice, but aside from that there does not seem to be any major technological advances in this phone and I personally think it will leave users a little disappointed.  Until I actually get to use one for myself, it's hard to say, but at first glance I think I'll be sticking with my 4S for now.  One interesting point however is that the prices for the new phones seem to have dropped dramatically.  It looks like the basic model may enter the market for as little as $199 (around £123 or €155) which will certainly hot up the competition on sales!  The phones are due to be on sale in the US and the UK from September 21st.