Now here's a really cool tip that many people don't know about and almost all of you will surely have wanted to do!

You're surfing the net, doing some research for a new sofa, or some nice house designs.  Maybe even just looking through some friends photos or an interesting news article or blog post!  You see a photo that you really, really like and you want to save it to show someone later, or just for yourself.  So can you do it and if so, how?

In fact you can.  It's very simple.  Hold your finger on the image for a second or two, then lift your finger and a context menu will appear.  In that menu, you will see an option to Save Image  or Copy.  Just hit the Save Image button.

"Ah yes!" you say, but it doesn't work!  Oh yes it does.  Have a look in your Camera Roll in the Photos app.  It saves the photo or image there for easy access later on, like as if you had taken it yourself 🙂  Clever or what?