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Nigel GriffithKinesiologist

I joined Machelp line because I am always running into annoying little problems that take ages to sort out. I found their service excellent. A few quick instructions and the job is done. You know how frustrating it is when you know what you need to do, but just can't figure out how to do it. So far there hasn't been a problem that hasn't been resolved very quickly. I particularly like the remote access feature. The technician just takes over your machine and you watch as he clicks and opens and closes pages and fixes the problem before your eyes. Magic ! Well worth the fee.

Sharon McAuleyPhotographer

I have been working with the people at MacHelpline for years now, and I seriously don't think there's any problem they can't fix!  From having bought my first Mac desktop, they have helped me with all kinds of problems - the most recent ones having to do with a difficult internet connection in the house I'm living in now. With the latest problem and even with a slow internet connection, they just took over my computer with Team Viewer and I sat and watched as the problem was resolved. Super fast, friendly and efficient. I think I have finally learned to stop spending hours googling the answers to all my computer problems and save myself a lot of time and money but contacting them right away. Best money ever spent, and they're very reasonable too! Honestly don't know what I would do without them!

Michael IzonPhysiotherapist

Thanks guys for sorting out my wifi problem! I wasn't able to get my MacBook Pro to connect to my wireless router and your support operator was able to remotely access my Mac using a cable and then he reconfigured my router! They said it was a problem with the router channel or something? I have no idea, all I know is that now it works! Thank you so much for your help, you were very kind and patient and I will definitely use you again.

Sinead HorganIreland

I had a problem with my computer and I contacted your MacBook helpline and they helped me to sort it out. It was an iCal problem where it would not seem to sync with my iPhone and now it's working really well. Thanks a lot, I've told some of my work colleagues and they are going to get in touch if they have problems too. It's great to have this service available at last!

David TomsDavid Toms Photography & Weddings

Wow... what can I say?  What a superb service.  I'm a professional photographer and  I depend 100% on my Mac and iPhone working to the max.  I've had so many situations where I was literally lost and didn't know what to do and the team at MacHelpline have always been there to sort me out.  They've even recommended how to set up my backup system so that it's failsafe and have synced up my Mac, iPhone and iPad so everything works smoothly.  Even down to configuring my network and sorting out those annoying little email problems, they really are just fantastic.  Thanks guys! You don't know how much your support means to me and my business - and my sanity!!

Maria ParkesMijas Costa

Hey, this really works well! They sorted out things that in the end saved me time and money. The instructions were clear and the technician was patient with me. The best part was that I did not have to leave my office and after the problem was solved, I just continued on working. Maria

Chris JohnsonUK

I had some specific technical questions and I need some Mac OS X support but I couldn't find the answers anywhere. Some related to Word and Excel also. The Mac support guys answered all my questions very quickly and even explained how it works so that I understand it better now. I'm really glad to have found your site. Thanks again!

Carolyn JonesVista Verde Equestrian

The guys at Mac Helpline have helped me on many occasions by remotely taking over my Mac using TeamViewer even though I only use a 3G modem.  They've been able to fix my email problems on many occasions.  I'm not great with computers and they are really patient and explain everything simply so I know what's going on.  I trust them completely and they really are great value for money.  The best thing of all is just knowing that I have someone to ask when I just don't know what I'm doing!

Debra CustinsKeep It Simple Spain

I've used the MacHelpline service a few times now as I have an iMac, iPhone and iPad in my office. I used to use Windows and your support people helped me tremendously when I was migrating from Windows to Mac. Then, more recently, I had some problems with iSync and also with setting up my iPhone and iPad with iCloud. I must say I was extremely happy with the service, it was quick and efficient and my problems were solved in no time at all. I really, really appreciate all the help and you know it's even saved me time and money. I'll be back, and I'll be telling my friends!