So just a few days ago I've taken delivery of my new Mac Mini.  My old Mac was just running too slow and I need to upgrade to something powerful.  The trouble is, the MacPro towers are expensive and bulky.  For now, I needed something more portable and economic.  The iMacs are beautiful but not really practical for my needs.  I want multiple monitors and loads of speed.

So I've done some research on the Apple Store and much to my amazement, the new Mac Mini is a powerful little tyke 🙂  Configured with a Corei7 2.3Ghz Processor, 8gb of RAM, a 1Tb Fusion drive incorporating 128gb of Flash Memory, this baby is now eating up everything I give it and more!

Furthermore, it's tiny.  You'd hardly know it was on the desk.  It's quiet too.  Almost silent in fact.  I've connected my two 23" monitors to it and with the desktop spread across the two I can now get back to work.

Mountain Lion too is an excellent product.  Of course, it has a few bugs still as you would expect, but overall I love it.

Well done Apple, hats off to you.  You've just provided me with exactly what I was looking for!