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ideo tutorials are a highly effective way to learn how to use your Mac®.  Better even than having a real person beside you, the video tutorial will guide you step by step through the process and you can follow along and try it out as you go.  One of the best things about a video tutorial is the fact that you can rewind it and watch it as many times as you like.  You can pause at a certain point, or skip on to the part you want.  What better way to master the skills you need to navigate your Mac®!  You'll soon be taking control of your Mac®, rather than the other way around!

Below you will find a list of the tutorials that we offer.  Some of them are offered for free, so that you can try them out and see exactly how good they really are.  We hope you enjoy them and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Video Tutorials

Video Title File Size Price
Tutorial 1 - Changing Your User Account Password 14mb Free! Download MHL-OSX-Tutorial-1
Tutorial 2 - Using The Dock 78.4mb Free! Download MHL-OSX-Tutorial-2

eBooks & PDFs

Title File Size Price
Guide to restoring your disabled iPhone - guaranteed! 57kb $29.95
Moving from Windows to Mac - Made Easy!
This Udemy course addresses those frustrating issues encountered by users that have decided to make the move from Windows to Mac OS X.  Concise and to the point, you'll soon be loving your Mac and wondering why you didn't make the move sooner.
- - Now Available on Udemy!