I have to say the TomTom is probably one of my most used apps when I'm on the road.  I've had a TomTom device before, a physical SatNav that I put in the car.  I believe it was a TomTom One.  What a load of rubbish that was!  I couldn't use the touch-screen as it was too hard to press and too easy to hit the wrong button.  I always ended up cancelling what I was doing by mistake.  Very frustrating.  Then, to add insult to injury, the TomTom would take up to 15 minutes to find the satellites if I hadn't connected it to a computer within the pervious 7 days.  All of this really put me off the TomTom - until I eventually installed it on my iPhone.

TomTomSuddenly, a game changer.  The iPhone picked up the satellites instantly, with hardly a blink, the very first time I opened the app.  It was very simple to use thanks to the amazing iPhone touchscreen and in fact the interface was much more user friendly.  I popped in a destination and off I went.  It was amazingly accurate and took me to my destination without delay.  From that day forward, I've had no complaints, other than a few map details that could be corrected.  The TomTom has been my faithful companion, always getting me where I need to go, or even just showing me where I am!

Something that's worth considering if you are a new TomTom user is this - I never really bothered to add locations to my favourites if they were places that I clearly knew how to get to.  What was the point?  Well, as it turns out, sometimes it can be very useful.  Let's say there's a place that you go fairly often and you usually go there from the same area, so you know where to go.  But what if you are somewhere completely different, say the other side of the city, the side you don't know so well, and you need to get to that location.  All you have to do is tell your TomTom to go there and it will guide you through the unknown areas like a dream.  I'm not saying add every single place to your favourites, clearly there is no need, but on occasion you'll find it useful to have those local places bookmarked!